Virtualize Mac OS X in Oracle VirtualBox for Linux

For certain circumstances it might be handy to have an instance of Mac OS X running in a virtual environment, for example in Oracle VirtualBox. It might be a little tough – be here’s a small guide to achieve this.

What you need?

  • About an hour spare time
  • Desktop/laptop with VT-support and 64-bit environment (I’m using Linux Mint 14)
  • A Mac OS X iso file (sadly the original DVD’s don’t work well) – buy one to original in the store if you feel a sad about piracy
  • Hackboot 1 & Hackboot 2 iso files
  • MultiBeast 4 (which will help you get audio and other things working correctly)


Config a new instance in VirtualBox with the following properties:

Mount Hackboot 1 and start the instance:

Mount the Mac OS X iso file and press F5:

Now press enter and the setup will run:

Follow the next steps:

So no diskdrive right? Yes – that’s correct – you have to open the utilities and the disk utility:

Press erase, give the disk a name (Macintosh HD) and erase:

Now select the disk to continue and install:

Mount Hackboot 2 when the setup is finished:

Press Macintosh HD and you’re ready to go:

Don’t forget to take a snapshot ;)

Extra options

Hackboot 2

It’s possible to boot the instance next time without the Hackboot 2 iso file. Go up in the finder and search for:


Find the following file and delete it:


Unmount the iso file and reboot

Higher resolution

You’ll need to install MultiBeast 4 first from the above link (be sure to allow running apps from untrusted developers).

Now find the following file:


And add your resolution above the “Graphics Mode” line:


You might even need to change to change your local system:

vboxmanage setextradata "Mac OS X 10.8" "CustomVideoMode1" "1360x768x32"