How to Connect VMM With Operations Manager / SCOM2012R2

Previous time I explained how to connect vSphere to Virtual Machine Manager ( If you need to monitor your ESX hosts and VMware servers you’re obligated to use an expensive managementpack for SCOM2012. You might choose for VEAAM but it’s so expensive that only large governement organizations can pay for these prices.

A better option would be to ask for the OpsLogix managementpack but if you want it for cheap, and only the basic monitoring the best would be to choose for Nagios (with plugins) or for Virtual Machine Manager and a SCOM2012 connector. I’m going to explain the SCOM2012 thing now.



  • Make your DOMAIN\s-scom account member of the administrators on the VMM server (in my case DOMAIN\s-sha-scom)
  • When having an administrator group in SCOM2012 make DOMAIN\s-scvmm-svc member of it


You don’t need to open a lot of ports, just port 5724. Please make sure you open this from- and to the Virtual Machine Manager server.

Install prerequisites

Microsoft Report Viewer 2010 Redistributable Package:

Import VMM managementpacks in SCOM2012

You can find them in the directory on the VMM server:

Install Operations Manager Console on VMM server

Install VMM Console on SCOM2012 server

Add SCOM2012 connector in VMM console

Now click finish:

Wow, you’re ready! Just wait for SCOM2012 to add all the connectors en see all you ESX hosts and VM’s getting monitored.