Setting Up SMS Notification in SCOM2012 With Moxa Np6150 and Cinterion MC55i

I needed to config SMS notifications in SCOM2012 for several standby engineers. SCOM2012 doesn’t support all modems, such as CDMA, therefor I made a plan for using the same setup as for our SMS Passcode Server.


  • SCOM2012SP1 Managementserver (should be fine too for SCOM2012R2 and SCOM2012)
  • Moxa NPort 6150 Series
  • Cinterion MC55i GSM/GPRS Terminal
  • RS232 –> USB cable (optional for checking the Cinterion MC55i through RS232)
  • 2 Simcard (used KPN)


If you’re running more than 1 managementservers in the resource pool in SCOM2012 make sure that you think about what setup you want to have. For example here we have 2 managementservers, both in another (co)location, therefor we bought 4 Moxa boxes and 4 Cinterion’s. Both locations 1 spare device and I connected each to a managementserver.

Configuring Moxa

First of all I configured the Moxa box, this can be done by plugin in the ethernet cable to you laptop and change you laptop’s IP-address static to for example. Then browse to in your browser to get the Moxa webinterface.

Here you need to setup several things:

  • Network settings (assign static IP-address to the box)
  • Personal admin password
  • Communication Parameters

It should look like:

Next step

Just turn off the Moxa and plugin the cables like you can see here, also put the Simcard :

Install Nport Device Manager

Now I’m going to install the Nport Device Manager on the SCOM2012 managementserver which is quite easy.

  • Do you want to activate the port now? Yes:

  • Press ok (you’re done):

Install Standard 9600 bps Modem

I’ll now add attach a modem to Windows, which will SCOM2012 use to communicate to (through the SMS channel):

  • Open Device Manager and add legacy hardware:

  • Press next and choose to install the hardware manually:

  • Press modem and next:

  • Don’t detect the modem; I will select it from a list:

  • Standard 9600 bps:

  • Select the COM port where Moxa/Cinterion is working on:

  • Finish:

  • Now open Device Manager again and press properties:

  • Press diagnostics and query the modem:

  • Works

Setup SCOM2012

The easy part:

  • Configure the SMS channel (in Notifications)

  • Make a subscriber (test): img (note that you have to enter + following by the countrycode and phonenumber)

  • Enable the subscription for all the criticals and make sure to add the SMS channel:

Now everything should be ready for letting SCOM2012 send notifications by SMS


If still can’t receive any SMS from SCOM2012 we need to troubleshoot the issue. Did you check the Eventviewer on the SCOM2012 managementserver? Do you see an error 31505 or 31503? Something is wrong, but what?

Failed to send notification over 'SMS' protocol to '+31610000000'. See previous messages for device-specific errors 

One or more workflows were affected by this.  

Workflow name: Subscription2bece588_0888_46b4_ba86_ad2b99493664 
Instance name: Alert Notification Subscription Server 
Instance ID: {E07E3FAB-53BC-BC14-1634-5A6E949F9230} 

First of all use this handbook for all the AT commands (it will be needed – like in the old days): We will need to connect to the SMS modem (Cinterion) to check whether things are working like it should. The only ways of connecting to the modem is pluging it back into your computer with a RS232 cable, otherwise it should be done with PuTTY, terminal (Linux) or telnet from the SCOM2012 server.

  • Connect COM2 (in my case) with 9600 bps:

  • Type and hit enter:

  • Now you’re connected to the SMS modem
  • Type and hit enter to check the signal strenght (-109 to -53 dBm should be ok):
  • Type and hit enter to check the network status (0,0 is bad – 0,1 is good):
  • Type and hit enter to verify the bps the modem is working on (should be 9600):
  • Not the correct AT+IPR? Type and hit enter:
  • SCOM2012 does only work in DFU mode, not in text mode, how to check? Type and hit enter:
  • Getting CMFG=0? That’s correct – getting CMFG=1? We need to change that. Type and hit enter:
  • Did you forget to disable the pin? You do know the PIN? For example 0000? Type and hit enter:
  • If you want to save the PIN persistent do the following:
  • Changed any of the above settings? Make sure to save to the EEPROM by type and hit enter:
  • I would recommend to physical reboot the SMS modem now
  • Connect again to the SMS modem like above and type:
  • Now do the final (and last check) by entering the phonenumber and send a testmessage:

And now type the text:

> This is a testmessage and I rock


Custom notification


Alert: $Data[Default='Not Present']/Context/DataItem/AlertName$ Resolution state: $Data[Default='Not Present']/Context/DataItem/ResolutionStateName$ Source: $Data[Default='Not Present']/Context/DataItem/ManagedEntityPath$\$Data[Default='Not Present']/Context/DataItem/ManagedEntityDisplayName$