Add Dynamic Group Windows Server 2003 Servers in SCOM2012 Based on OU

When adding a (dynamic) group with servers based on for example an OU (organizational unit) you can’t find any members. The problem is that the number of physical hyperthreading-enabled processors (or the number of physical multicore processors) is incorrectly reported in Windows Server 2003.

You can test this by enter the following command on 1 of the Windows 2003 Servers:

wmic path win32_computersystem get numberoflogicalprocessors

You’ll see this output:

Code = 0x80041017
Description = Invalid query
Facility = WMI

There is a hotfix (kb) available from Microsoft which can be installed on every Windows Server 2003 you want to be added in the group. Download it here:

wmic path win32_computersystem get numberoflogicalprocessors

Now the output is:


The server needs to be rebooted, after this just wait a while, the OU will be visible when you click the details of the specific servers (in SCOM2012) and you can now discover the members in the dynamic group like you wish.