Backup FreeBSD With Rsync and Strato HiDrive

When you have a VPS there will always be a snapshot feature for you appliance. But you’ll always need an external backup because a snapshot is NO guarantee you can have all your data back when your appliance is corrupted. Lately I made a snapshot, wanted to restore is and the snapshot was corrupted without knowing – all DATA gone. I started looking for a cheap solution (something like a drive with Rsync / SSH options). Strato’s HiDrive is a cheap and reliable solution for this. You’ll get about 100 GB for 6 euros per month (and first months for free).


ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 2048
  • Upload the created file from /home/USER/.ssh to the Strato HiDrive configuration panel (click account and OpenSSH-keys)
  • Install rsync:
cd /usr/ports/net/rsync
make install
  • Start the backup:
rsync -av -e 'ssh' --rsh="ssh -p22" /usr/local/www [email protected]:/users/drive-XXXX/FreeBSD


  • You can change the /usr/local/www to for example / to backup the whole server
  • Change the XXXX to the HiDrive number you have


You’ve just made a manual backup of your FreeBSD (folder/server), now you can create your own job (cron) to schedule a daily, weekly or monthly backup. Even a snapshot. It might be useful to check out this URL: