Fix WMI on Citrix XenApp Server

Monitoring the WMI is a default monitor in SCOM, it monitors whether is healthy or not. Recently we’re seeing a few of our Citrix XenApp servers being reported as unhealthy due WMI issues; applications may not run properly and users may have issues with their working within the desktop.

Is it possible to fix the WMI? Yes. I made a small 1-2-3 how to fix it.

Fixing WMI

  • First of all make sure there are NO users logged in to the server – you have to reboot
  • Open a CMD on the server that has beed reported
  • Type and you’ll see it inconsistent:
winmgmt /verifyrepository

  • Now type the following to be sure it’s true:
wbemtest / Connect.

  • Press the connect button:

  • And again the connect button:

  • As expected: whoops broken :(

  • Close everything down but keep the CMD open and type:
winmgmt /salvagerepository

  • Error – what?

  • Just re-enter:
winmgmt /salvagerepository

  • Fixed

Note: it just a way to fix your WMI errors – you’ll have to look why this happened.