Citrix NetScaler Documentation

Recently I came across a great documentation (powershell) script by Barry Schiffer for Citrix Netscaler. As you might know it’s a tough job to get all the settings and configuration well documentated for you- or your customers.

What is it?

Normally you’ll work a lot from the wizard like here:

But you can also work from terminal if you export the ns.conf or edit your settings:

Easy? No! The output isn’t readable, you might forget things and make mistakes. Also working from the official Citrix API won’t bring you far. So great job on the 5000 counting lines Powershell script Barry Schiffer!

From now on you can check out the script here: If you want know more about the author (Barry Schiffer) be sure to check out his website

How to use

  • Copy content of into a folder
  • Move away the scripts you don’t use
  • Make sure you use at least Powershell v2, v3 or v4
  • If you use a specific MUI/language of Powershell make sure your local system locale (PSCulture) is the same
  • Download or copy NS.conf from Citrix Netscaler
  • Put NS.conf in same folder as the scripts:

  • Run PS script:

  • Check out your full documentation: