Citrix Receiver Fails to Launch Desktop/application After Upgrading Firefox

Recently I came across a problem with starting my desktop/application through the Netscaler after updating to Mozilla Firefox 30.0 on my ArchLinux machine.

Seems Mozilla Firefox is blocking plugins from “Always Activate” to “Ask to Activate” (default blocked). Something I won’t mind, people have a lot of plugins enabled while don’t using them – or will enlarge the risk of files and (malicous) code being launched automatically within the browser.

Mozilla says the following about disabling the plugins:

We strongly encourage site authors to phase out their use of plugins. The power of the Web itself, especially with new technologies like emscripten and asm.js, makes plugins much less essential than they once were. Plus, plugins present real costs to Firefox users. Though people may not always realize it, we know plugins are a significant source of poor performance, crashes and security vulnerabilities.”

Our vision is clear: a powerful and open Web that runs everywhere without the need for special purpose plugins. This change will move us towards that vision, while still balancing today’s realities.

The best way would be for Citrix to request a whitelisting of their Citrix Receiver here in meanwhile:

You can read about these issues here:

Anyway, when you try to login your desktop/application you’ll see a small building block on the top left, if you click there and “Allow and Rember” the browser will automatically start the connection.

See here:

Another workaround is to enter ABOUT:ADDONS in the addressbar or through TOOLS > PLUGINS and change the Citrix Receiver from “Ask to Activate” to “Always Activate” like you can see here: