Missing Reconnect and Disconnect Button on Citrix Web Interface 5.4 With IE11

Microsoft’s browser Internet Explorer have undergo heavily changes to it’s security and behaviour. As for known now several application and resources can act strange on IE11, therefor you might consider downgrading to IE10.

However IE11 is much more same and downgrading the browser can be a real pain in the arse (warnings about having a browser installed while you don’t for example).

There are workarounds for this by putting the website in compatibility view, this works in IE11 for missing the reconnect button. But first of all you need to make sure you did enable the reconnect button in Workspace Control (on the server where you’ve installed Citrix Webinterface):

Well this looks promising, so now what happens if you don’t add the website in compatibility view:

Missing buttons right. To resolve this issue please do the following:

  • Open Internet Explorer.
  • Click Tools, and click Compatibility View settings.
  • Under Add this website, type the URL of your Web Interface site and click Add (normally you don’t need to enter the URL if you’re already on it)

Now close down the browser and rebrowse to your webinterface:

Solved, as for the buttons. As for the feature of automatically reconnecting sessions it’s still an issue with WI4.5 and IE11; it just won’t work. The best thing is to get rid of Webinterface at all and install StoreFront; it’s much better!